Creative Burnout

When I tell people I’m a writer they always ask, “What do you write?” I hate this question. Why? Because I’m ashamed of the real answer. I tend to tell a half truth, “I write for specialist magazines, mainly martial arts, paranormal and film-related.” It’s not a lie, but it certainly doesn’t pay my wage. For the past fourteen months I’ve called myself a ‘writer,’ but in reality all I’ve done is sacrifice creative for financial freedom. A real writer has integrity…

When I look back on 2014 I see few accomplishments — I managed to finish editing a short film, but that’s about it. However, if I continue to look back another year I see many accomplishments; published articles, a poetry collection, a short film… even a novel. Not my best work, but it proves that I once had fire.

From now on I will give everything my very best, which inevitably means I’ll have to be more selective with my clientele. Whether it’s a spec script or piece of web copy, I will never again sacrifice creativity for money — it’s not worth my sanity. So to all past, present and future ‘professional’ clients, if you want a keyword stuffer who values links over quality, look elsewhere. I never want to hear the words ‘evergreen’ or ‘content’ again! It’s utter bullshit.