Growing up I spent most of my time in the garage aspiring to become a world-class drummer. Music was everything to me, and even to this day has a greater influence over my life than any other art form. After numerous failed and somewhat humorous attempts to “make it,” I packed up my kit and made my way to London.

The classroom setting never worked for me, so Greenwich University was really just an excuse to get a student loan and pursue a new ambition in front of the camera. Truth be told… acting was never my forte. After some brief (not worth mentioning) appearances in film and television I decided to focus all my efforts on screenwriting.

During my final year of university I met a girl. Six months later I sold almost everything I owned and left for Sweden with just a few hundred pounds to my name. With little money, a difficult language barrier and no special skills, I was left with two choices: write or leave. With a lot of determination and great deal more naivety, I chose to write. I’ve been doing it ever since.

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